Recovery time after giving birth can vary and it is advised to wait for consent from your medical practitioner before recommencing your training. Strengthening your core and postural muscles helps to prevent incontinence, diastases recti and back pain. It also aids in redressing the imbalances caused by habitual holding patterns – in other words, carrying your baby. Postnatal Pilates is about regaining your “pre pregnancy” fitness levels, as well as giving you some important “me-time”.

It is of utmost importance for you to train with a qualified postnatal Pilates specialist who is aware of the different postpartum phases and factors to consider. By taking into account the type of birth you had, the rebinding of your abdominal muscles, muscle release techniques and the hormones still in your blood, the Body Mechanix pregnancy specialists are well qualified to guide you through your postnatal Pilates programme.

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