The Body Mechanix Pilates Studio

Our Pilates studio is part of an elite global network of Body Arts and Science International (BASI®) Pilates Host Studios and Teacher Training Centers.

We provide high quality personalized classes on the latest specialized equipment. The class options include one-on-one, duet, or group sessions. Group mat classes incorporate various pieces of small apparatus such as magic circles, foam rollers, balancing balls and weights.

All of our instructors are graduates of the internationally recognised BASI Pilates ® Academy. BASI Pilates instructors are renowned for their deep understanding of the science and art of human movement. The marriage of this knowledge with their precise familiarity of the Pilates repertoire allows BASI Pilates instructors to create classes which meet the client’s specific needs.

All of our instructors are highly skilled practitioners and are experienced in working with the full spectrum of population groups, ages and physical needs. Our clients range from Pilates beginners to postoperative clients to professional athletes. Although classes are adapted according to each client, we always treat the body as an integrated whole and ensure that each session is a full body workout.

Body Mechanix Studio Policy


As a client of Body Mechanix Wellness Centre, you accept that you will remain liable for a monthly account for the services rendered.  Cancellations for sessions must be made 24-hours prior to your appointment to avoid being charged for the session.

 All sessions require appointments.  Booking an appointment in advance will assure the best chance of training at your preferred time. Sessions are 55 minutes.  If you arrive late, you will be given only the remainder of your scheduled time.

 During training the possibility exists of certain changes occurring in the body.  These include abnormal blood pressure, fainting, disorder of the heartbeat, and in rare instances, heart attack, stroke or death.  Every effort will be made to minimize these risks by thoroughly evaluating the information relating to your health and fitness by making observations during sessions, First Aid Level 1 trained personnel are available to deal with unusual situations that may arise.  Standard emergency procedures will follow. Your prompt reporting of unusual feelings during training sessions may assist in the diagnosis of your condition or in evaluating what type of physical activities you might do with low risk of harm.  Your participation is voluntary.  Your permission is required.  You are free to deny consent or to stop at any point, if you so desire.  You are encouraged to ask questions about the procedures used in the exercise programme.

 Your exercise programme will be demonstrated or explained to you at least once during a personalized training session conducted by a trainer.  It is your responsibility to ask questions, clarify any uncertainty and arrange further training sessions if necessary, until you are completely comfortable with the techniques and methods required to exercise effectively and safely.

It is your responsibility to report any problems or pain caused by the exercises immediately, and clarify any uncertainty regarding the techniques of the exercises. Pilates and related training methods require appropriate, guided movement from a Trainer.

Initial Assessment

The purpose of the assessment is to get a medical history on each client; pick up orthopaedic and postural problems; determine client goals and match the client with a suitable trainer. The IA provides the trainer with prior medical knowledge of the client which protects the client from injury and ensures that the training is focused on the client’s individual needs.

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