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Your body is your most important investment – it rewards you for everything you put into it, both physically and mentally. The more you invest, the better you feel and the healthier you become.
Like any investment, it’s never too soon or too late to begin.

Body Mechanix Wellness Centre

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About Us

Here, in a friendly and accessible environment in the leafy green suburb of Craighall Park in northern Johannesburg, you will find the ideal way to rediscover yourself.

Body Mechanix Wellness Centre is one of the largest Private Health studios in South Africa as well as being a Body Arts Science International (BASI®) Pilates Teacher Training Centre.

Body Mechanix uses Pilates, Gym and Physical Rehabilitation to help you go beyond your perceived limits. We will partner with you to discover how strong and capable your body can be. Each discipline can be applied individually or in a combined programme.

The focus is always on YOU and YOUR specific needs.

We offer a caring and professional environment that is designed to make you feel at home and to inspire you to fulfil your potential.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


I started pilates because of a chronic back problem – a slipped disk which meant I was dependent on anti-inflammatory drugs to stay pain-free. Over the course of a year I have steadily become pain-free without drugs, and now hardly remember that I have a back problem at all.

At the same time, Pilates has had a massive impact on my cycling.

I was previously on a plateau in terms of my cycling fitness, and Pilates has allowed me to move to a much higher level of performance. I am now more conscious of my power coming from my core, and focus on my core in pushing myself during races.

Crispian Oliver

“Body Mechanix has tought me thoroughly the theory and practice of Pilates mind-body connection. They have taken me through the journey of self-awareness, self-acknowledgement and achievement, which I will carry through my self-practice and teaching to my clients/students.”

Paula Uribe

I am 87 years old, very active indeed and have been doing BASI Pilates at Body Mechanix for 17 years … I learned how to breathe correctly and gradually be coerced into a regime of calm exercise of extraordinary benefit by a remarkable, kind, highly trained team (they are required to do anatomy in their comprehensive lengthy course).

The Body Mechanix studio is so well equipped, bright and airy and this is where I attend a Pilates session twice a week and walk with my trainer into the Craighall park once a week …

In all the years I have naturally had issues with sore muscles, joints and have even had operations. Due to the specialised knowledge at Body Mechanix my difficulties have been helped and some even rectified. I can only pray that at my ripe age I will be able to continue going to Pilates and still read two papers a day, drive, play bridge, attend concerts, operate my computer, spend time with my family, travel and more. Pilates, a good diet, exercise and good genes are the answer.

Mevagh Glyn

“How can I begin to thank you for all the time and effort you have put into me over these past few months!! From mat classes, comp classes, privates, catch-ups… the list goes on. 

Truthfully though, you really put yourself out. I am so aware of this and am humbled by your sensitivity. Clearly, you set the tone, and your studio followed your lead – Thank You! I feel very privileged to have been part of your course and I hope that you will always be proud to number me as one of your students. Please, you and your studio should go from strength to strength and your kindness should stand for you always!”

Elisheva Raff

Coming from a corporate background, venturing into an entirely new industry in the world of health and wellness, I was captured by the benefits and results I was able to achieve through practicing Pilates as a client for years after the birth of my first child. I developed such a passion for how the practice changed my body, made me stronger and fully equipped to manage my chronic back pain related to scoliosis as well as regaining my strength post pregnancy.
I decided to change my life and follow my passion and signed up to become a Pilates Instructor myself so that I might assist others to make a change too.

After thorough research, Ashley Ritchie’s brand along with BASI Pilates as an institute, seemed like the best and most obvious choice for me in my studies.

Signing up to BASI South Africa as a student and going through the journey of the Comprehensive Pilates Instructor course with Ashley changed my life in many ways. The passion, energy and love she has for each of her students and for the BASI Pilates work is evident in every module, class and interaction time spent with her. The Body Mechanix Wellness Studio – which Ashley owns, practices and teaches in – has a calm, clean and beautiful energy with some of the widest range of professional Pilates equipment I have seen and had the benefit of experiencing. I feel privileged to have learnt from such an experienced and passionate ambassador and human, whenever I need to be reminded of that passion and energy, or even to just understand a specific client condition or movement better, I simply book a class or connect back with Ash. Jennifer Powell, BASI Comprehensive Pilates Instructor