“How can I begin to thank you for all the time and effort you have put into me over these past few months!! From mat classes, comp classes, privates, catch ups… the list goes on. Thank you for being so kind and considerate regarding my religious needs, you always made me feel comfortable and as if I was asking for nothing! Truthfully though, you really put yourself out. I am so aware of this and am humbled by your sensitivity. Clearly you set the tone, and your studio followed your lead – Thank You! I feel very privileged to have been part of your course and I hope that you will always be proud to number me as one of your students. Please you and your studio should go from strength to strength and your kindness should stand for you always!”

Elisheva Raff



“I started pilates because of a chronic back problem – a slipped disk which meant I was dependent on anti-inflammatory drugs to stay pain free. Over the course of a year I have steadily become pain free without drugs, and now hardly remember that I have a back problem at all. At the same time Pilates has had a massive impact on my cycling.

I was previously on a plateau in terms of my cycling fitness, and Pilates has allowed me to move to a much higher level of performance. I am now more conscious of my power coming from my core, and focus on my core in pushing myself during races.”

Crispian Olver

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