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You’re in good company when you make Pilates part of your game plan. Many professional players are turning to Pilates to help improve their game, prevent and recover from injuries. Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Venus and Serena Williams all include Pilates in their training programs.

Racquet sports demand powerful, repetitive one-sided dominant strokes with high impact, speed and rotations, including extensions through the spine.

You need strength, stability and good range of motion in your shoulder girdle to prevent injuries such as shoulder bursitis or rotator cuff disorders. That’s where Pilates becomes your best partner. All the loaded upper body exercises in Pilates inherently require strong shoulder stabilisers. The muscles in the forearms and wrists are also strengthened during the arm work exercises on all the Pilates equipment – which helps prevent tennis elbow.

If you are an avid tennis or squash player, Body Mechanix Pilates trainers also incorporate plyometric exercises which mimic movements performed on the court, for your benefit.