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Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend jogger, you are aware that although running is a great form of cardiovascular exercise, it places stress on your joints and ligaments which is why runners are advised to incorporate strength and flexibility training into their exercise routines. Better balance, mobility and posture will improve your running times and decrease your aches and pains.

What sets Pilates training apart from regular strength training is that attention is paid to re-establishing your ideal body alignment by correcting muscular imbalances. Asymmetry and imbalance in the body leads to the weakening of certain muscle groups so Pilates decreases your chances of injury.

Each Pilates session at Body Mechanix is a total body workout. It includes the rebalancing of muscle groups and correcting common postural mistakes. Emphasis is also placed on building your upper body strength and teaching you to connect with your core stabilizing muscles thereby improving your running gait.