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According to the PGA Pro Mat Baird, there are three main areas that are necessary to focus on to improve your golf game and prevent injuries. These are your core, hamstrings and gluteal muscles and flexibility.

A strong core supports the spine and provides balance and rotation in the trunk. Thus reducing lower back pain (prevalent in amateur and professional golfers alike), preventing injuries and allowing for a consistently powerful swing.

Your hamstrings and gluteal muscles provide the base for correct golf posture from the set-up to the finish. They also aid in balance and preventing lower back pain. The BASI Pilates block system allows for part of your session to be dedicated to these specific areas whilst maintaining the integrity of a full body workout.

As you know, the greater your flexibility, the larger your range of motion. This allows you to move through your entire swing efficiently affecting the distance and accuracy of your shot. For golfers all over the world, BASI Pilates has proven to be a game changer. Fore!