Press Release: Date: 29 Aug 2012

Every move you make…

How you move and how you sit, how you stand and how you walk can affect you. Headaches, neck aches, stiff shoulders, aching hips, that pain in your lower back, could all be triggered by your posture.

Posture is the way we hold our bodies in whatever we do – “every move you make, every step you take”, as well-known British singer Sting sang with rock group the Police back in 1983 – even the way you sleep in bed.

September is the month to do something about the aches and pains that stop you from being as healthy and productive as you want to be, and prevent you enjoying life to the full!

National Physiotherapy BackWeek (now extended from 3-16 September) takes as its theme: “More than just back care … from prevention to function” – and that’s the physiotherapist’s role. Physiotherapy is the science of movement and function, and physiotherapists have years of experience in getting debilitated bodies back to functioning well and feeling good.

Painful posture

Think about how you hold your body when performing everyday tasks: if you are too far from your computer screen at work, poking your head forward habitually to read can cause neck pain and headaches. If you sit slumped in front of the TV at night, the way your muscles and joints are aligned habitually can set off a cascade of aches and pains in your back, hips and legs.

The key word here is ‘habitually’. We all have postural habits, like sleeping on our right sides, or sitting at a slight angle when driving, which can have serious and debilitating consequences. Even habitually standing in a slouched position can place strain on the joints, ligaments and tendons, resulting in irritation, followed by inflammation and pain.

If you think your posture while at work, walking, standing or sleeping might be the cause of your pain, take time out during this year’s extended National Physiotherapy BackWeek (3-16 September 2011) to get your whole body and its posture assessed by a physiotherapist. Many shopping malls around the country will be hosting stands you can visit free of charge, and physios will be visiting schools, workplaces and institutions as well.

A physiotherapist can not only treat your pain – she or he can also give you ergonomic suggestions for the height of your screen, the distance from your eyes and more to prevent or reduce the strain on your spine. But perhaps even more importantly, seeing a physio can help get you back on your feet and engaged in all the activities that give your life value and meaning.

As someone once said, it’s not the moments you live, it’s the life in your moments that counts. Don’t surrender any more of your time to pain – get assessed and treated now and get back to life!

Issued on behalf of
The South African Society of Physiotherapy
011 615 3170

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